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Undergraduate Architecture Admissions Portfolio Information Session
The Undergraduate Architecture Admissions Portfolio Information Session is ideal for students who are considering applying to an architecture program. The session will be led by a SCI-Arc faculty who will show sample admission portfolios as well as techniques in developing an admissions portfolio, graphic layout, content compilation, and curation strategies.


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Natou Fall
Design Studio Faculty @SCI-Arc
Natou Fall is a Senegalese-American interdisciplinary visual artist and creative director working across sculpture, film, makeup artistry, and design. Her practice embraces notions of multiplicity, and glamour to embolden radical self acceptance, and challenge classical notions of beauty rooted in whiteness and heteronormativity. Trained as an architect, Fall’s developed procedural techniques of layering, casting, assemblage, and digital techniques of collage, and illustration. Her material palette includes plaster, silicone, cosmetic products, molded and printed plastics, fabric, high density foam, and various papers and paints. After receiving a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Interior Architecture and Design from the George Washington University, she went on to receive a Master’s in Architecture from SCI-Arc. In September of 2019 she received the Frank and Bertha Gehry Prize for her graduate thesis installation Shaping Face. Fall has been commissioned by brands like Sonos and Ami Colé
Ramiro Diaz-Granados
Design Studio Faculty @SCI-Arc
Ramiro Diaz-Granados is from Los Angeles and received his B.Arch from SCI-Arc in 1996 and his M.Arch from UCLA in 2003. At UCLA he won the SOM Master Travelling Fellowship. In addition to being a full-time faculty at SCI-Arc he has also been a visiting faculty at UCLA, the University of Kentucky, and the Technological University in Lund, Sweden. He is the founder and principal of Amorphis, a design and architecture office. Recently the office completed the design, fabrication, and installation of a permanent intervention for a new building on the campus of Oregon State University. Ramiro has also participated in individual and group exhibitions, including one as a COLA fellow sponsored by the Dept of Cultural Affairs. Prior to founding Amorphis he worked with Gnuform, led by Jason Payne and Heather Roberge. Currently his research interests reside at the intersection of optical media, representation, and craft.
Marcelyn Gow
Undergraduate Program Chair @SCI-Arc
Marcelyn Gow is design faculty at SCI-Arc. She is also principal at servo los angeles, a design collaborative invested in the development of architectural environments integrating synthetic ecologies with shifting material states. She is the co-editor of Material Beyond Materials and Onramp 4-7, as well as a current producer for SCI-Arc Channel. Gow received degrees in architecture from the Architectural Association and Columbia University, as well as a Dr.Sc. from the ETH Zurich. Her doctoral dissertation Invisible Environment: Art, Architecture and a Systems Aesthetic explores the relationship between aesthetic research and technological innovation. She has previously served as the coordinator of the MS in Design Theory and Pedagogy postgraduate program as well as acting co-coordinator of the History + Theory curriculum at SCI-Arc. Gow has previously taught at the ETH Zurich, UCLA Department of Architecture and Urban Design, and the Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm.